Hi there!  LeAnne McDaniel, here. I’m a freelance feature and technical writer, blogger, content strategist, and all around wordsmith based in Atlanta, GA.  15 years as an IT pro means I know how to write content that is chock-full of information but still easy to understand for the technical and non-technical alike.  On time.  Within budget.

Regular and Useful Blog Posts

Build an online community and attract more clients.

Easy to navigate web site

Offer useful content, so when your customer has questions, yours is the web site where they find answers, making you the Authority they turn to for help and recommend to others.


Social Media Presence

Maintain a strong social media presence that keeps you top of mind with current clients and attracts new clients.


Content Strategy

Document a plan for future blog posts and article creation.  Use analytics to monitor popularity and advise course corrections, when necessary.

Let's get started!

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